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Objections & Answer key of NTSE Stage I (Gujarat) 2016

Gujarat NTSE Stage I Provisional Key issued by
last date to file objections is 30.11.2014

objections are to be submitted in a hardcopy to GESB, Sector 10B, Near Old Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat 382043
maximum by 30.11.15

I think answers of  Q 72 & 98 are wrong in SAT
and Q. No 16 & 26 in MAT are wrong

Q.62. With which Governor General's efforts did the teaching of English language begin in India ?
(A) Lord Cornwallis          (B) Lord Ripon        (C) Lored Macaulay      (D) Lord Hastings
Official answer key says (C) Lord Macaulay
I think this question should be Bonus
Lord Macaulay was never a Governor General.
Macaulay was Secretary to the Board of Control under Lord Grey from 1832 until 1833. After the passing of the Government of India Act 1833, he was appointed as the first Law Member of the Governor-General's Council. He went to India in 1834, and served on the Supreme Council of India between 1834 and 1838. Later on he introduced English-medium education in India through his famous Minute on Indian Education of February 1835. Macaulay called for an educational system to create a class of anglicised Indians who would serve as cultural intermediaries between the British and the Indians, and brought to an end a lively debate on the appropriate language for education and administration. Macaulay thereby succeeded in implementing ideas previously put forward by Lord William Bentinck, the governor-general from 1829, who, inspired by utilitarian ideas and calling for "useful learning," had favoured the replacement of Persian with English as the official language, the use of English as the medium of instruction, and the training of English-speaking Indians as teachers

Q.72. By which name is the Bhagirathi  Ganga known as after it originates from the Gangotri
(A) Padma     (B) Jamuna         (C) Meghna       (D) All three
Official answer given is (D) 

On Page No. 20 of 'Drainage' Chapter, Class IX, NCERT book its written
The Ganga River System
   The headwaters of the Ganga, called the ‘Bhagirathi is fed by the Gangotri Glacier and joined by the Alaknanda at Devaprayag in Uttarakhand. At Haridwar the Ganga emerges from the mountains on to the plains.
So its clear that at its origination at Gangotri, Ganga is known by the name of 'Bhagirathi'
which is not in the options given.
Hence this question should be a BONUS

Q.98. Which year was declared as 'The International Women's Year' by UNO
(A) 1975         (B) 2002          (C) 1990               (D) 2001
official answer given is (D) 2001, correct answer should be (A) 1975
NTSE Stage 1 Gujarat Objections in official answer key
Chapter 20, Class X Social Science Book of GSEB -
United Nations had declared 1975 as "Women's Year"

UN Women Watch | International Women's Day - History

In 1975, during International Women's Year, the United Nations began celebrating International Women's Day on 8 March. Two years later, in December 1977, ...


Option B & D both will be the correct solution for the given pattern
Explantion :    POUND ––––––––– DNUOP (written in reverse order)
in the same way
MEGIK –––––––––KIGEM Option B & D both are same.

Answer is not available in ?option. Explanation :  From the figure, 
3 × 4 = 12 take only tens place digit = 1
6 × 5 = 30 take only tens place digit = 3
9 × 6 = 54 take only tens place digit = 5

7 × 8 = 56 take only tens place digit = 5. By mistake 56 given in the place of 5.

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