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Sample Paper for Class X SA I 2015 Social Science

Class X                                                     Time - 3 Hrs                                               Max. Marks - 90
General Instructions
(i) The Question Paper has 30 questions in all. All questions are compulsory
(ii) Questions from serial number 1 to 8 are Very Short Answer Questions. Each question carries 1 marks
(iii) Questions from serial number 9 to 21 are of 3 marks. Answers of these questions should not exceed 80 words each
(iv) Questions from serial number 22 to 29 are of 5 marks. Answers of these questions should not exceed 120 words each
(v) Question number 30 is a map question of 3 marks from Geography. After completion, attach the map inside your answer book

Q.1 (a) Which precious metal discovered from mines of Peru and Mexico enhanced Europe's wealth ?
   (b) Who improved the steam engine produced by Newcomen and patented the new engine in 1781 ?
       (c) Who wrote the novel 'Debganer Martye Aagaman' ?
Q.2. What are two types of resources on the basis of origin ?
Q.3. Name the official language and state religion of Sri Lanka
Q.4. Give two examples of 'coming together' federations ?
Q.5. Who led the Civil Rights movement in the USA ?
Q.6. Define 'average income' of a country
Q.7. What is Infant Mortality Rate ?
Q.8. What does the term HDI stands for ?
Q.9. (a) How did the Great Depression affect agriculture in India ?
        (b) How did the East India Company procure regular supplies of cotton and silk textiles from Indian weavers ?
        (c) What was the condition of the poor settlers in Bombay ?
Q.10. (a) Give reasons for the following
(i) Martin Luther was in favour of print and spoke out in praise of it
(ii) The Roman Catholic Church began keeping an index of prohibited books from the mid-sixteenth century
          (b) What were the main themes of the novels in the 19th century ?
Q.11 (a) "The print culture created the conditions within which the French Revolution occurred." Support the statement.
         (b) Discuss the significance of the novels of Thomas Hardy (1810-1928).
Q.12 (a) Describe the impact of First World War on the economy of Britain ?
         (b) Explain why women workers developed a hatred for spinning jenny
         (c) Explain the social changes which led to the need for the underground railways in London
Q.13. List three problems caused due to indiscriminate use of resources by human beings
Q.14. What steps have been adopted under the Indian Wildlife Act to protect the endangered species of animals ?
Q.15. What is Biodiversity ? Explain with example.
Q.16. Why is power sharing desirable in a democracy or in any other system of government
Q.17. Discuss the ways in which social divisions are reflected in a democracy
Q.18. What could be the two possible outcomes of politics of social divisions
Q.19. Describe the relationship between economic development and human development
Q.20. What are the developmental goals of a girl-child ?
Q.21. Distinguish between open unemployment and disguised unemployment
Q.22 (a) Write down important causes and effects of the Second World War.
        (b) Explain any three problems faced by the Indian weavers by the turn of the 19th century
        (c) How did the development of cities influence the ecology and environment in the late nineteenth century ? Explain by giving an example of Calcutta.
Q.23. (a) What were the problems in reading handwritten manuscripts in India ?
         (b) Explain any three reasons for the popularity of the novel in the 18th century
Q.24. Mention four geographical requirements each for the growth of tea and sugarcane
Q.25. Which is the most widely spread and important soil of India ? State any five characteristics of this types of soil
Q.26. How can you say that power sharing is more effective today then it was in the early years after the Constitution came into force ?
Q.27. How does communalism create problems in politics ?
Q.28. Distinguish between primary sector and secondary sector
Q.29. Give a few examples of public sector activities and explain the role of government in this sector.
Q.30. (a) One item is shown in the given outline map of India. Identify this with the help of the information given and write its correct name in your answer sheet
           (i) Soil Type
          (b) On an outline map of India mark and label the following :
           (i) The state where Corbett National Park is situated
           (ii) A major cotton producing state

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